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Kvitkova Vanil

Elegance Hallow's Skeleton GOLD

Elegance Hallow's Skeleton GOLD

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Golden Elegance Hallow's Skeleton - This exquisite masterpiece seamlessly harmonizes sophistication with the mystique of Halloween, designed to captivate and intrigue.

Golden Halloween Skeleton embodies an unexpected fusion of refinement and the eerie. Painstakingly handcrafted, this skeletal figure radiates an aura of refined darkness, adding an enchanting touch to your seasonal decor.

Every delicate curve and meticulously placed element highlights the craftsmanship inherent in the Golden Elegance Hallow's Skeleton. Each flower is thoughtfully selected and meticulously assembled by hand, ensuring the uniqueness of every detail. Crafted entirely by hand, it stands as a testament to the artisan's skill and dedication.

Crafted using only the finest and highest-quality materials, this piece distinguishes itself through excellence and durability.

As part of a limited edition, the Golden Elegance Hallow's Skeleton becomes an exclusive addition to your Halloween ambiance. Gaze upon this individual work of art, and you'll discover that the boundary between elegance and the ethereal is beautifully blurred, reflecting the essence of Halloween. 


  • Adorned with Berries and Decorative Skulls
  • Сrafted in the decadent style
  • The torso plastic
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Conveniently equipped
  • Premium quality artificial flowers
  • Adorned with berries
  • Deco-led fairy lights


Width: 13 inches
Height: 26 inches
Depth: 5 inches
Weight: 2.5 lbs

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